The Cycling Pianist is Back!

This year has been ludicrous. I finally stopped/gave in/relented before Christmas and now I have to get going again. Whilst on the one hand I am finding it hard to get myself back in the groove, I am very excited about a number of new and exciting projects that I will be working on in the new year, never mind all the usual classes, rehearsals, gigs etc…

Tottenham Communtiy Choir (photo above) continues to go from strength to strength and I look forward to all that it can acheive in 2013 after the success of this year. Its such a pleasure to be part of something full of such wonderful people and rehearsals and performances continue to keep me entertained, challenged, and inspired.

Rambert Dance Company, English National Ballet, The Royal Ballet, Richard Alston Dance Company, and Danceworks continue to be regular destinations for me, as well as occasional forays to many other organisations including Matthew Bourne, Michael Clarke, The Royal Academy of Dance, and The Place. My plans and projects for the new year very much concern my quest to continually develop the job of dance accompanist, to raise public awareness of it, and to help others to learn how to be successful accompanists in their own right. I shall be recording my progress here on my blog so keep coming back as I will be posting regular updates once again come January.

Now, check out this wonderful animation from Russian designer Anton Marrast. Click on the image to link to his flickr page.

I am in the ballot for the rideLondon 100 next year. Its a slightly modified version of the Olympic course including the now very well known Box Hill. I hope I get a place, but some decent training needs to begin again if I am going to do those hills justice! I have a good training route planned going up, down and round Alexandra Palace on a loop. Should be a good ride to get my strength and stamina up, so my heart-rate monitor will be getting a bashing for sure.

All in all I am greatly looking forward to all that 2013 holds.

Now, to finish off, here’s a video about Rambert Dance Company with yours truly banging away at the piano through much of it. Hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!


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