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If you are a regular visitor to these pages, you may have noticed that updates have been few & far between of recent times. Not, I hasten to add, for wont of something to say, but due to the law of “best laid plans…”

I have been working for some time on a number of projects to help further my aim of promoting & educating about the role of the dance accompanist, & they are all starting to show real signs of life. So much so that something had to give. What’s more, the fabulous Tottenham Community Choir continues to grow in stature & reputation & is deverting away an enjoyable portion of my time. This weekend we sang at Alexandra Palace as part of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations, and a brilliant day all round it was too. Great weather, wonderful singers & performers, and loads of local people having a good time.

Ally Pally

So the blog & website have suffered at the hands of that cruel mistress: music. Which is a brilliant thing. The demand for good class musicians continues, and its so exciting that so many people realise the benefits of live music, and seek it out. It can bring so much more than seems immediately apparent.

I am to be working some more at the Opera House, involved in teaching & mentoring on the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme, as well as playing for company classes. Elsewhere in development are plans for a radio show examing the life, role, history, relevance & music of the ballet pianist. Rambert’s move to their new home brings with it great new studios, new pianos & a lovely Yamaha Grand in the main studio. Lots of opportunity for some inspired jumping around & music making. Lovely! I conitnue to play at English National Ballet & I’m very excited to see what musical ideas might stem from their production of Le Corsaire later this year in October.


If things go to plan, the Dance Pianists Accompanists Course I am presently writing, will be up and running too. Meanwhile,Tottenham Community Choir continues to get in shape for our  many community performances this year, and we are also busy learning dots & phrasings for our Winter Concert on later this year.

Lots to attend to: Brilliant.

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